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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Key developmental activities are provided in this loving and nurturing environment. Infants will have a multitude of activities such as; play swings, bouncers, and a colorful array of toys and manipulatives designed to promote healthy mental development. We also focus on

introducing language with our baby sign program. 

One Year Olds

This is where we believe in developing key social skills in a caring environment. We focus on fundamentals such as sharing, listening, playing with others, and communication. Hands on activities are offered as a way to introduce early learning concepts. Many of our children in this class have developed sign language abilities as a beginning means of interaction and communication with peers and caregivers.

Two Year Olds

Language and vocabulary development are at the forefront of this class as the children actively engage in fun, hands on learning. They are continuously provided with opportunities for social and emotional growth through peer interactions and planned play. They are given daily activities to strengthen motor skills, as well as develop concepts such as color and shap

recognition. The children also begin letter recognition and counting. Potty training assistance

is offered as the children develop increased independence.

​ Three Year Olds


The threes class is designed for cooperative play, with the opportunity for both small group activities and one on one time.  Children are provided with a fun, educational environment that promotes positive interactions as well as opportunities for learning. Early writing practice is introduced, as well as name recognition, math concepts, and letter/sound recognition.



We are committed to ensuring each child is properly prepared to not only transition smoothly

to kindergarten but to also flourish and grow at their highest potential. Fundamental skills

are developed in this class to ensure that your child will be prepared socially and academically for the structured learning environment of Kindergarten. Emphasis is continued in language and math skills as well. Sound blending, rhyming, and sight words are featured activities to help your child with their beginning reading skills. 

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